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Pedipsens Pulterkammer (Pedipsens lumber room) hope to convince you, that it´s a shame to scrap your old vinyl- and shellac-records.

Though perhaps technically outdated by several digital media, the old records will still give you hours and hours of listening pleasure - if you take good care of the records and play them on decent and well serviced equipment.

Many records are not re-issued on cd, and in flea markets and garages you can find a lot of interesting music, worth listening to and preserve for the future generations.

Give the records a second chance. Read and be inspired. If you don´t bother the effort, then send me a mail and tell me what you want to get rid of!

Clean the records and listen!

Dust and grit is grinding the grooves, while the pickup is playing the record.

Keep your fingers from the grooves. Hold the records by the edge with your thumb, supporting the label with the rest of your fingers.

In daily use a dry cleaning with a (perhaps antistatic) brush is sufficient. 

When playing especially abused records, you have to clean them more thouroughly - preferably with a washing-machine like I have built from scrap materials on the basis of an old turntable.

Look at the brief descpriptions and be inspired by the pictures. If you have questions or suggestions, please mail me.

Yours Hans Henrik Pedersen, Pedipsens Pulterkammer.

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Last update: September 22nd 2009